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Okay... Well anyways... I just thought that I would say Rest in Peace "Dimebag" Darrell...

Moving on... Last Saturday I hung out with this guy named Eric... I used to have THE hugest crush on him but nothing ever came of it because I was a chicken-shit little girl... Well, Saturday night we all hung out (Tammi, Raychel, Chris, Wayner, AJA, AJB, Jeremy, Eric, and I) and AJB ended up telling me that Eric had expressed some like for someone that was hanging out with us and come to find out it was me!!! This kind of shit NEVER happens to me... No one ever likes me back... Wow... However, he hasn't called me yet.. Well, he had AJ call me... And he had some other person call me that I have no idea who it was because he was stuck in Stanwood at some party and wanted AJA and I to come get him... But I was gone... So we didn't get to.. :( And Tuesday Ratu, AJA, Raychel, and I trekked to Big Rapids to pick up Ratu's boyfriend Jake who has recently returned home from Florida... YAY!!! I HEART HIM!!!

Um... I really don't know what else to say right now but I just thought I would update and let you all know that I DIDN'T fall off the face of the earth or anything... Not like you all cared...

Also... I'm getting an apartment!! WAHOO!!! We went and priced furniture today...

OH YEAH!!! I have a great Pizza Hut story to tell... Tonight Aaron N, Heidi H, and I all went to Pizza Hut... Well we had been listening to Survivor when the waitress came up to us and said that they had dropped our pizza so we were waiting for a new one when she returned with the receipt and they had deleted the charge for the pizza since we waited almost an hour for it... Well then these loud college kids came in and changed Survivor to the Apprentice... I was not watching it, I could have cared less... But the other couple in the room and these college kids started fighting with each other... And the lady half of the other couple requested that our meal be free since we had to sit and watch... SCHWEET!!! 4 pink lemonades, 2 root beers, one large order of cinna-stix, and a large stuffed crust pizza with 6 toppings.. ALL FOR FREE!!!

Okay, now I'm outtie... Time for schweepie!!!

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