...we live by passion and not by law... (3spacestoosmall) wrote,
...we live by passion and not by law...

Holy Fuckings Shitballs

Well hello to all my internet comrades out there!! I haven't updated in SO FUCKING LONG!!! There is a lot that I need to tell you... Did I already tell you guys about Billy? My friend Billy, well, ex-friend Billy, has been saying many a bad thing behind my back. I, being a mature individual, disregard what he says as hogwash and continue living my life. Recently, he has told this girl named Dawn (my friends girlfriend, whom I have never met) a detailed explanation as to how he was going to come into my house and slit my throat. I laughed. Number 1, he does not have the balls and intelligence to slit my throat... Number 2, he would go to fucking jail!!!! I have to go right now, but I hope to see you later...

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