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I hate school...

Another entry chaulk full of tired bitching!! Woo hoo... I sit here updating from my friends computer... In her room... Where she and I slept in until 12:34... 1-2-3-4, weird, eh? Anyways, I feel like a complete and utter waste of skin... I don't regularly attend school and when I do, I leave early... I was supposed to have In School Suspension today, but I didn't serve it, obviously because I'm home sick.. My mom says it's my medicine... I say I need more medicine. I just think that I should do HomeBound, get my homework from school, graduate FROM my school... But not have to go. Just sit at home and do my shit. I seriously can't even find enough motivation to pull myself out of bed somedays. I would just rather sit at home and sleep in until twelve and watch movies and smoke cigarettes and do my laundry and work on the farm. I've never understood how some people could just drop out of high school in their senior year... Now I'm coming to understand it more. I will NOT drop out. That would have been a waste of the last twelve years of my life but this senior project thing is complete fucking bullshit. Anyone that attends my school will conquer with me... If this one project in your last year of high school is what REALLY decides as to whether or not one graduates, then give it to me when I'm five... If I can either a.) manage to finish it when I'm young than there should be absolutely no reason for me to continue my education, right? It's the ultimate deciding as to whether or not I graduate... or b.) they should give it to you when you're in the 6th grade so you have adequate time to finish it. one semester of class is inadequate time for me to learn how to play the guitar, learn to read sheet music, learn how to play the songs of my choice, learn how to sing AND play simulataneously, get a 6-8 page wors cited paper written, make my presentation, prove that I can do all these things, and get at least a B on it in eighteen weeks. Not possible. Sure, people have done it, but those people are not me. I have too much stress in my life and too much put on my shoulders. Katey and I have been exploring transferring to Mt. Pleasant High School Alternative Education Center. We can go to school for 8 hours two days of the week and get jobs. Then we can graduate with diplomas from Mt. Pleasant High School and walk at Mt. Pleasant's graduation. I seriously cannot maintain a personal life and school at the same time. Also, my friend Jason has just informed me that whatever it is that I want out of him serves no purpose because he thinks I'm just a child and I don't know anything. What a jerkhole! It's okay because I still love him... Anyways, Greg and Billy moved to Florida and I'm vewwy vewwy sad... Talk to you all later or something and I thought that I would tell you that inhaleabattle is my new best friend because he thinks that I have pretty lips... :D <3anastasia<3
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